Effective date 25.4.2014

Your privacy in Map apps

Nokia’s privacy policy explains how we process your personal data when you use our products and services. In addition, the following information applies to your use of Map apps, including Maps, Drive, Check-In and Guides (the “Service”).

The purpose of this document is to give background information on data processing for different features available in the Services. The features of the Service enable you to find places and addresses on a map, interact with them and access relevant content, as well as locate yourself on a map. With navigation you are able to find the optimal route to your destination, even inside buildings. You may also check-in to a place. You can relive and share your location experiences with your friends on different Social Networking Services (“SNS”).

The Services also include guides to locally serve you with the most relevant content and location-based services, which are offered by third parties. We encourage you to familiarise yourself with the privacy policies of such third parties, when you interact with them. Nokia is not in control or responsible for the contents and features of those services.

What information does Nokia collect?

We collect the following categories of information:

Registration and contact details

Some features may require the use of Nokia account, for example when you want to share your location with other users or sync your contacts. You may continue to use the other features of the Service without signing in.

Location data and place information

Our Service makes use of information about your actual location (“Location Data”) and information about places (“Place Information”). Location Data reveals where you currently are or where you have been. Location Data is based on available positioning methods, such as Assisted GPS or IP-address. In many device models the user interface of the Service identifies the used positioning method with an icon. Place Information is general information pertaining to particular geographical location (e.g. city or a location of a restaurant) that you may have provided to us, for example your favourite places.

Unless otherwise stated, we use random identifiers in connection with your Location Data that do not identify you personally.

When you start to use the Service application, the application activates your selected positioning methods to retrieve your current location (see below for more information about positioning methods).

The Service may send your Location Data to Nokia when you use location enabled features of the Service online, such as ask information about nearby services or offerings, use weather features, share your location or use the check-in feature as well as when the Service asks for new maps for new areas you have navigated into. As further defined below, Location Data may be collected when you use the navigation feature for service improvement purposes without identifying you personally. Place Information may be sent to Nokia for example when you synchronise your favourites or check-in a location.

Information about Service usage

We may collect general statistical information about which features of the Service were used with your device, such as session duration, number of clicks on various features, whether the service was used online or offline mode and other such information without collecting your Location Data. In offline mode, this information may be stored on your device for further processing. It is sent to us when you use the Service online after which it is deleted from your device.

When you use the drive navigation or my position features of the Service, Location Data, speed, direction and timestamp is sent from your device to Nokia to detect traffic jams, traffic patterns, changed road conditions and other such conditions so that we can provide you with better service. This information is analysed to distinguish independent routes and traffic patterns and contains an identifier, which is persistent for the duration of the route. This information is sent to us when you use the Service online or in case you are using the Service offline, when you connect your device via Nokia Suite or Map Loader to your PC or through available Wi-Fi connections after which it is deleted from your device.

Technical information and your transactions

When you use the Service online, certain technical information such as the type of your mobile device, unique device or network service provider identifiers, internet protocol address, time zone, technical details of your client as well as your transactions with Nokia may be automatically collected by Nokia.

Our uses of your data

Non-personal use of Location Data or Place Information

We do not associate your Location Data or Place Information with your other personally identifiable information, such as Nokia account, unless you have asked us to do so. For example, if you point to position in a map to favourite it we do not combine this information with your Location Data unless you have asked us to do so. We implement appropriate technical and organisational measures to prevent associating your Location Data with other personally identifiable information without your permission.

Provision of the Services

As explained in more detail in the privacy policy, the information collected by the Service is utilised to provide you with the Service, to develop our products and services as well as to communicate with you.

We may also use the information to provide you with more improved search and recommendations to better assist you to find a place you may like.

Location based advertising

The Service may include provision of location based advertising or other similar content. You will not be positioned separately for this purpose. For example if you ask for weather information you may be served with advertising content tailored to that location.

Your choices

The Service offers a variety of choices to allow you to control how your Location Data and other information are collected.

You may use the Service in offline or online mode. No Location Data or other information is sent to Nokia if you only use the Service in offline mode. Note, that your device may nevertheless have stored information which may be sent to Nokia as defined earlier in this document. See also below for more information about data collection related to the use of different positioning methods.

You can choose the level at which you participate in the development of Nokia’s products and services. You may disable the collection of statistical information and the collection of anonymous Location Data for drive navigation and my position features by changing the settings of the Service. The Service allows you to delete your check-in history.

Information sharing

Your Location Data will not be shared with other service providers or advertisers without your permission.

The Service may allow you to share your Location Data or Place Information with a social network. The Service also includes content from and links to third party sites and services. When you interact with these sites and services, you may provide your current location to them along with a random anonymous identifier for ad-serving purposes. We recommend you to check your settings and the privacy policies of such social networks or other third parties to understand how they process your information.

As explained in more detail in our privacy policy, we may share your personal data:

  • with your consent;

  • with Nokia companies and authorised third parties, who process personal data on our behalf;

  • where there is a legal requirement to do so. 

Information about positioning methods

Depending on your device and your settings the Service makes use of a variety of different positioning methods to determine your location. These positioning methods may use satellite, Wi-Fi or other network based Location Data. The combined use of these positioning methods helps Nokia to offer the best possible positioning accuracy also in low coverage areas and inside buildings.

Depending on available positioning settings your device may connect to other service providers’ servers, for example to operators, which are not controlled or operated by Nokia. We recommend you to check your settings and the privacy policies of such service providers to understand how they process your Location Data.

What information is collected?

A-GPS and Wi-Fi/WLAN based positioning methods makes use of known locations of mobile base stations (cell-id) and Wi-Fi/WLAN spots. When you use these positioning methods your device exchanges this information with a positioning server to provide you with faster and more accurate Location Data.

When you use A-GPS positioning your device sends information about GPS location (when available) and cell-id’s of nearby mobile base stations to a positioning server. When you use Wi-Fi/WLAN positioning your device sends information about GPS location (when available), the MAC address, signal strength and location of Wi-Fi/WLAN available networks to a positioning server. When you use cell-id based positioning methods, information about the cell-id’s of nearby mobile base stations is sent to a positioning server. Additionally, depending on the positioning method, data such as unique device or network service provider identifiers are collected.

Other information, such as the content of any traffic in the network, IP address or SSID/network name, is not collected by Nokia in connection with our positioning methods.

If you only use GPS or other satellite based positioning methods, no Location Data or other information is sent to Nokia as part of providing the positioning method. Note, however that the services relying on various positioning methods may nevertheless utilise the Location Data created by a positioning method.

How do we use the information we have collected?

A-GPS, cell id based location and Wi-Fi/WLAN positioning relies on the known location of a cell-id or a Wi-Fi/WLAN spot. The collected information is processed to provide you with reliable Location Data as well as to maintain the accuracy of the information stored in our positioning server, for example to verify that the location of a cell-id is correct.

Information collected on our positioning servers is stored independently and separately from the data bases of any other Nokia services. It is processed anonymously and it will not be associated with the information collected of your use of the Service, to your Nokia account or any other personally identifiable information. None of the information will be shared with other service providers or advertisers.

Your choices

You can enable and disable one or more positioning methods anytime in your device settings. Once the feature is disabled, no related data will be collected. Depending on your device, you may also modify the positioning server to which information is sent in connection with your use of positioning methods.

Other information

We advice you to use appropriate consideration when you name your favourite places. For example, if you do not want all the users of the Service to know the location of your home, do not name the location of your home “home” and share it with all users.

Please let us know if you encounter any content that you find inappropriate in nature. For more information about our privacy practices, check our privacy policy. For information concerning the service, check our support pages.

You may contact us through our customer care or through following contact details:

Nokia Corporation
c/o Privacy
Karakaari 7
02610 Espoo

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